Joel Zimelstern – Business and executive coach, educator, speaker and brand strategist

Coach Bio  

Joel is a business leader and coach who works with entrepreneurs and business owners to succeed in delivering the optimum results within their business and realise their professional and personal goals.

Joel believes that every business should work for the owner and has the potential to deliver exponential growth when all involved embrace the right set of systems, structure and mindset, that honours the original vision, ambitions and hopes that were the foundation stones of the business. 

Joel for many years successfully worked with businesses throughout the world at times of crisis and helped them recover and build upon and from the challenges that they faced. 

Joel is a certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and an NLP Coach. He was also an active member of a Master Mind marketing group that nurtured, supported & strategized with businesses across the globe.

Joel is the author of “Win The Claim Game” a guide for homeowners when making an insurance claim. He has also appeared on the BBC, Channel 4 (UK) and quoted in the UK press, providing advice and commentary on insurance claim matters. He is a known advocate for those needing help when tackling their insurance company.